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About LolliZoo
LolliZoo is entirely dedicated to helping families find brilliant ways to make the most of their free time together. There’s lots of information out there, we’re about providing you with an edited selection of high quality options to choose from.

We’re all so busy rushing around with school, work, sports and social stuff it’s difficult to plan anything more exiting than a mooch to the local park. Our ambition is to be a one-stop-shop for all things fun, educational and cultural for families. Whether you have a free day in your calendar, you’re planning a weekend getaway with your kids, or you’re booking a holiday in the UK we can show you the best days out, shows, and ‘stay-at-home’ projects to fill a rainy day.

No doubt you already know most of your local haunts (and there is a surprising amount of brilliant stuff to do with kids of all ages up and down the UK). LolliZoo will introduce you to a bunch more fun activities you might not have thought of, or found out about, without us. We’ve got all the information, reviews and links you need on one easy to skim page per activity.

Don’t Forget…
When you’ve had a great time at one of our selected venues or shows please, please (!) come back and write a review so that other families can benefit from your top tips and insider information. If you find somewhere great that we’ve not listed drop us a note and we’ll get onto it. And if you’ve enjoyed creating something cool pop some photos over to us and we’ll make a feature of them in our Do section.

For special offers and seasonal adventures do sign up to our LolliNews emails – we promise not to spam you or pass on your details (to anyone, ever). Whenever we find out about great offers on tickets we’ll link to them direct from our venue pages and also list other options for booking in case new offers pop up – we know that keeping everyone entertained is a pricey business!

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How the site works
We’re a new and small company on a mission to make life easier and more fun, so please help us to keep up the good work. Please do click directly through from LolliZoo to book your tickets online if that’s your plan – that’s how we generate our income. The more people use the site the better a job we can do, it’s that simple! Here’s a helpful article that explains our income from the Affiliate links on some of our pages.
We hope our third party advertising on the site is not too intrusive; that’s also helping to keep us in tea and biscuits and we try to keep it relevant.
And it would be just fantastic if you would like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and tell your friends about us too – because that’s the best advertising we’ll get.

All listed venue, show or event details were correct and double checked at the time of publishing and we try our best to keep everything up to date. If however you find that something has changed please do contact us so that we can update our info.
No element of your interaction with LolliZoo is contractual or binding. All tickets are booked direct with the venue or with a licensed ticket vendor with whom any transaction contractually belongs.

Our lovely images belong to the attractions, venues and productions we feature. The image above is from 2014′s ’1001 Nights’ at the fantastic Unicorn Theatre in London.
Reviews on LolliZoo are submitted by members of the public who have visited the attraction and should be regarded as the opinion of the review author only; these comments are not endorsed by LolliZoo. We hope these additional opinions prove helpful, most of our pages have direct links to TripAdvisor’s reviews for the venue or show too so that you have the full ‘lowdown’ before you book or make plans.

Who we are
I’m Grace O’Driscoll and having worked for 20+ years in retail buying I’m trying my hand at something new that involves less ‘buying and selling stuff’ and is more about publishing useful & helpful information; with bucketloads of help from friends and retail colleagues.
I have two kids in primary school and so having taken the leap to a new industry I’ve focused LolliZoo on a market where I’m a keen customer myself. I hope that’s reflected in how LolliZoo works – we’re all busy people and I feel there’s a gap for a well designed site, with lots of great images, details, links and reviews, across a broad range of good quality activities that will appeal to the adults in the party as much as the kids.

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